Sunday, January 18, 2009

Making Chicago Connections

Not even two days into setting up this site when I got a comment from a blogger in the Chicago area asking about my Twitter connection. I'm truly convinced of the power of this new medium. Reprinted below (with permission, of course) is a transcript of the email conversation Scott Zacher of Check it out. And be sure to visit his site for information about theatre in the greater Chicagoland area!


Hey there, this is Scotty Zacher from Thanks for listing me on your bloglist. That's very nice of you.

Best of luck with your arts blog. Blogging can be time consuming, but also very rewarding. My goal is to try to get as many people out to see theater as possible. Looks like you're heading the same way.

By the way, I had no idea that you could connect a Twitter account with your blog. Have you found this to be useful/helpful? Are people able to send you info to post this way? (I guess I'm totally clueless when it comes to Twitter).

Take care, and PLEASE stay warm.


Scott, Thanks for taking the time to write. I've only been blogging for a couple days now, so I can say how much having Twitter on my blog has helped. But it's kind of what gave me the idea to start doing it. I joined a couple of Twitter groups recently including #Actors and #Theatre and I noticed I began to get followers from those groups. In addition, I noticed a few of them who were theatre professionals from the Vancouver area who have their own blogs. I also noticed that they seemed to be connected through this online community of theatre bloggers. That's when I decided to jump in.

The thing about Twitter is that its a great social networking tool because of its simplicity and its portability. You can access it through a wide range of applications and your mobile device of choice. So you can micro-blog at just about anytime from anywhere. Plus you can set it to update your status on Facebook and Myspace automatically whenever you post. I connected it to my blog because I knew I could use it to post links to theatre-related articles quickly and easily without feeling obligated to blog about everything I come across.

Right now, Des Moines has one of the largest Twitter communities. The techies seemed to have latched onto the idea... lots of IT, Graphic Design, Social Media and Marketing professionals seem to be using it the most. The last DMTweetup (or Des Moines Twitter meetup) brought out about 100 people. I'm trying to bring more performers and theatre artists into the mix.

Thanks for the comments! Stop back again soon! -JR

--------------------------------------------------- got my mind churning (which is a hard thing to do! LOL) - I was planning on buying an iPhone, and if I do I could plan that, when going to plays, I can take pics and send them to my blog as well as twitter about it. can you send pics with twitter?
(sorry to bother you about this - but I'm trying to find something that sets me apart with other theater sites here in Chi-town, and there's a lot of them! I'm working on getting more video, signing up college students that are getting film degrees; something like that).
So have you gotten to go to much theatre in Chicago? I end up going to about a play a week, though have been known to see three openings in one weekend. (though don't recommend it). I've been on a sort of dry spell being busy with my church, etc., so haven't been to a play since before Christmas! If you get a chance, I would recommend "The Seafarer" at the Steppenwolf. Wonderful play and very powerful. It was supposed to close the end of December, but now has been extended through the middle of February.
Thanks again for the link. A fellow arts-lover, Scotty Z.


Scott, You can upload a picture at and it will automatically post a message and a link to that picture on your Twitter stream.
They say the Revolution will not be Televised. However, it will be streaming live online. ;) Viva la Relolucion!

Have heard great things about The Seafarer. Would love to see it, but I don't get to Chicago much. Last Steppenwolf production I saw was Topdog/Underdog. And that was in Houston!

You mind if I blog any of these emails? Thanks, -JR


sure, you can blog them. Be my guest.
I don't know if you knew this, but just in case - your Iowa readers - if they're planning a trip to Chicago for a weekend - might want to check out HotTix, which now offers half-price tickets online (as opposed to having to go in person downtown to the HotTix counter). The link is
I'm now off to see the play "Little Foxes" at Shattered Globe. Hope I don't freeze my butt off waiting for the el!
Cheers, Scotty Z

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  1. Glad to see that we Vancouverites were an inspiring force! I'm so amazed at the connective powers of social media and the potential for bringing together the international theatre community. I have no idea what will happen, but I'm excited to see.